KLJ, Community Services Inc - "Hands working together keep the community  together"
      Welcome to an organization that is geared to helping communities to get back that God intended. When we together as on then we can overcome anything that the enemy at our community. We have to stand together because if not, we will fall for anything.

     "I could not understand how a young man could just take another  man's life over something so senseless and that's when God places this organization into my vision. God knows there are many people out here that have been mislead and guided in the wrong direction.  With the help of the community we can help them make better choices when it comes to  their lives.

       Kelly James Woods 66-04 was a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend when his life was taken on November 19,2004...I hope that this organization can show and teach others that we have to make better choices in life....
        In the beginning the organization was just geared to helping only at-risk youths, but as time went on the organization saw the need to help the people within the community.  That is why now we help everyone in the community, but our main focus is still  at-risk youths and trying to help them  get their lives back on track after begin in prison.  Here at the organization we believe that even though a person falls down that does not mean we have to  leave them down...that means pick then up and help them. What if Jesus left us when we were down...

     The most encouraging thing from our organization to others is that "Trouble Don't Last Always".

      Thank you for visiting the site and I hope that you have been touched by something that was said or an event that the organization provides to the community. If we can help you please do not hesitate to call.

       The  letters ” KLJ” have sufficient meaning because they are  fruits of the spirits:
                                     KINDNESS, LOVE, AND JOY

      When we put  all three of these together  then God can heal our communities and nation.

Be Bless and remember there are still people out here that care.
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Timothy Wright - Trouble Don't Last Always
Timothy Wright - Trouble Don't Last Always

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