KLJ, Community Services Inc - "Hands working together keep the community  together"

      The services that "KLJ Community Services, Inc" provide are basic in nature. We provide assisting to the communities which need structure, concern, love and hope. We are committed to working with communities that are challenged by their circumstance which, in part, may have nothing to do with their living circumstances.
  Our belief is that everyone needs a chance to grow and prosper  from society. We feel everyone should be given the opportunity to become productive citizens;we feel that our program is structured so that it will be able to continue to service  the communities; we affirm that we are a non-profit corporation that relies on public and private funding. We are committed to following  any and all rules and regulations by the State of Georgia.

"We only see the best in people and the not the worst because that is what God sees in us...."

KLJ Community Services,Inc
Board of Directors

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