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        Team Heart Of Faith For Robin

      My name is Robin Bennett; I am a 46 years of age and a mother of two sons. My oldest son is 20 years old and is currently a sophomore at Alabama A & M University. My youngest son is 9 years of age and currently in the 4th grade at Phenix City Elementary School.  My children are my world, and I am determined by God’s grace to live to see them become respectable young men in society. I am striving to be here to see them in the future as role models for their families someday.

     I was diagnosed originally with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. As a result, I lost my heart function. It is not uncommon during most pregnancies; however, after childbirth some women’s heart function returns to normal. Mine did not.  My heart is currently functioning at 15 to 17% Ejection Fraction (EF). As of this current date my diagnosis is Advanced Stage IV Systolic Congestive Hearted Failure due to Dilated Cardiomyopathy.
After several years of medication management and many hospitalizations, the function of my heart is rapidly changing. Since I have experienced so many recent hospitalizations, I have been referred back to St. Joseph at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  I have been recently placed on a Milrinone IV pump 24 hours per day.  They continue to advise me that my heart is getting weaker.  A plan has been put into place for me as it has been determined I am in need of a heart transplant. In the event that my Milrinone does not work, a bridge to transplant is in place. It is called an LVAD (Heart Pump), as the next form of treatment. This device will be placed inside my chest until a heart becomes available.

   I am totally disabled and cannot work; however, my benefits will not cover the things I would need to be considered for the heart transplant list.  I have to travel to Emory for my medical care. Some might ask why I don’t move to Atlanta. However, between my income, the expenses of medication and the cost of living, this is not possible.  If I am given an LVAD procedure, it will require me to depend upon others to be with me at all times. Each procedure will require me to spend long periods of time in Atlanta as recommended by physicians. All procedures require increased medications to maintain the heart.  Weekly visit and biopsy procedures will be conducted as recommended.  With the L.V.A.D caregivers are to be fluently trained by Emory staff to be able to care for me.  This can be overwhelming at times.

  I am currently in need of a heart transplant. I am raising money to be listed for transplant, medications, travel, lodging for lengthy periods of time, care giving and insurance deductibles due to medical expenses, etc.

   Please, help me be listed for transplant.  We are not certain of a number to determine a true goal to cover this entire process, but we are asking that you help me meet my current goal. My family and I are making a plea on my behalf for any financial assistance and contributions to help me meet my goals for transplant.  
Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank branch, under Robin Bennett Benefit Account #5122293078, Team Heart Of Faith For Robin. Also, it can be mailed to P.O, Box 21, Seale, AL 36875.  Go Fund Me donations can be also submitted by going to gofundme.com/an6u9bjy.  You may contact us at 706 464-1211 with any questions
My children and I would like to thank you for your support and any contributions that can be made to assist with this cause and for your prayers in advance.

We are trusting and believing that God will send her the $10,000 that she need to have this surgery in JESUS NAME SHE HAS THE MONEY AND THE TRANSPLANT!!!!  THANK YOU JESUS FOR BEING SO AWESOME!!!!!

 Hope you have some compassion for this mother and her children.....KLJ thanks you for your support...

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